Maria and Putin MH17
Maria fled her house in the Netherlands after her father Vladimir Putin was accused of supplying pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine with a missile used to shoot down the Malaysian Airlines MH17 plane. Youtube screenshot

Maria Putina, daughter of Russia's President Vladimir Putin, has fled her house in the Netherlands, following allegations that her father is involved in the Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash.

The Boeing 777, en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lampur, crashed in eastern Ukraine on 17 July, amid allegations that it was shot down with a surface-to-air missile by pro-Russia separatists who control the area.

All the 298 passengers – 193 of whom were Dutch – died.

As Putin was accused of providing the separatists with the missile used to shoot the plane down, the mayor of Hilversum — where the Dutch victims' bodies are being taken for identification — suggested during a radio interview that Maria should be deported from the Netherlands.

He later apologised on Twitter, saying his words were "unwise, stemmed from a feeling of helplessness that many will recognise".

However, after Maria's home address was made public by a Ukrainian website, she fled her house in the village of Voorschoten, near The Hague. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Maria was living with her Dutch boyfriend Jorrit Faassen last year. Like her sister Yekaterina, she has rarely been seen in public.

Investigations on the causes of the crash are ongoing. Moscow has denied any involvement in the plane crash, saying that Ukrainian government forces are to blame.

According to the latest developments, more human remains and machine-gun-like holes in a section of wreckage from the plane have been found.