A spurned male elephant that lost hard in the love wars decided to take out his frustration — or maybe his wasted elephant cuddles — on some 15 cars parked at a wildlife reserve in southern China.

The mighty mammal had been bested by another male elephant in a battle for the affections of a female, making him "moody," according to the government of Xishuangbanna prefecture. So he wandered out of the refuge to knock around the cars, damaging at least a dozen, Associated Press reports.

He stuck his tusks through an open window of one car, easily pushing it into the roadway, then leaned on the passenger side, crushing it. The elephant didn't hurt any of the tourists who flocked to the area during the Lunar New Year holiday, and who were thrilled to see the elephant, claimed a government spokesman.

"The tourists were quite excited to see a real wild elephant, and they were using their cellphones to take photos and videos," the government said on a social network site. "Even the owners of some damaged cars found the experience to be very interesting."

Shouts overheard on a video of the incident, however, appeared to be far more fearful than excited. The pachyderm's public appearance lasted about 20 minutes before he returned to the nature reserve. The government plans to compensate car owners for any damage.