A 35-year-old man admitted on Monday that he had pushed a lawyer, who regularly dressed as a woman, under a Tube train during rush hours, a court heard.

David Burgess, 63, also known as Sonia, died after falling under a Piccadilly Line train at King's Cross Underground station in October 2010, according to the Telegraph.

Senthooran Kanagasingham, known as Nina, was produced in the Old Bailey on Monday charged with his murder.

Kanagasingham pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the basis of diminished responsibility. However, he claims that he had no intention of killing Burgess because he had paranoid schizophrenia at the time. The prosecution repudiates his plea and a jury was avowed to try him for murder. He was undergoing a sex-change therapy at the time.

Brian Altman, QC, prosecuting attorney, was quoted by the Mirror, saying: "Significant factors other than any abnormality of mental functioning were at play."

He said the prosecution's case was that the killing was "the very deliberate murder of Sonia Burgess."

Kanagasingham had "determined to kill" the victim after a visit with Burgess to his GP, where they expressed worries about his mental condition.

Altman added that the killing was "born of anger and malice."

The Mirror reports that commuters were shocked after seeing Burgess being pushed in front of the train by Kanagasingham.

A note found in Kanagasingham's rucksack stated that he was "broke, depressed and suffering from gender dysphoria."

The trial continues.