Dale Collins
Dale Collins' mugshot Polk County Sheriff's Office

A man has been arrested in Florida accused of trying to lure a seven-year-old girl into his mobile home on Sunday.

Dale Collins, 63, was arrested for attempting to lure a child under the age of 12, jail records online showed.

Local station, WFTS reported that Haines City Police Department responded to calls of an abduction but realised that an abduction did not occur.

Instead, adults reportedly intervened when they saw Collins approach a seven-year-old girl outside a supermarket.

Collins allegedly asked the girl where her father was before asking if she liked puppies and saying she could see one in his camper van.

When adults started yelling at him after noticing his suspicious behaviour, he went back to his camper van and left the area, police said.

Officers reportedly later stopped the van on a highway and arrested Collins. Police said the suspect said it was a misunderstanding and that he had not touched the girl, WFTV reported.

Anyone with information regarding other incidents involving Collins are asked to contact the Haines City Police Department or local Crime Stoppers.