A 30-year-old Colorado man allegedly threw his toddler cousin in front of oncoming traffic after calling him "the devil". Bryant Hickcox was chased down by witnesses of the incident who pinned him to the floor until the police arrived.

The 2-year-old boy was said to have been hurled into the Colorado Springs road by Hickcox - who later told police he would "never do that" - as traffic lights turned green. The young child narrowly escaped injury when a car swerved to avoid him, before those in the vehicle behind rescued him from the road and pursued the man they saw throwing him.

"I thought it was a bag or a dog," Tracey Willner, a passenger in the car behind the one which swerved to avoid the boy, told KKTV's 11 News. "I wasn't sure what it was...He threw a baby into traffic. He threw him hard into traffic and the baby rolled. Thank god the lady in front of us swerved and was paying attention."

Willner told the news channel that she rocked the crying boy, who was also soaking wet because of the rain, to comfort him. He sustained minor cuts and bruises. "I just wanted to keep him as warm and as safe as possible," Willner said.

An arrest report and jail records show Hickcox is being held at the El Paso County jail on a $50,000 bond, reported 11 News, and is due to appear in court on 18 July.

CCTV footage from the incident shows a man holding a young boy in the moments before witnesses said he was chucked into the road.