After taking the lives of her twin children, Samantha Ford continues to target her former partner by threatening to cost him his home. Having filed for divorce from detention in a psychiatric unit, she may be forcing Steven Ford to sell what was once the family home. Steven stated that by filing for divorce, Samantha is trying to impact him financially.

On December 26, 2018, the mother of two was alone in their home in Charing, near Ashford. She drowned her son Jake, and daughter Chloe. Samantha pleaded guilty for killing the 23-month-old twins. She was found guilty of manslaughter by diminished responsibility. Since August 2019, Samantha has been serving her 10-year sentence at a psychiatric unit.

Steven was later served with divorce papers which were filed by Samantha. While Steven wanted to also file for divorce, Samantha's move is to ensure that the case gets taken to court. In the case of a mutual divorce, the process and settlement does not cost much. To get the court to settle the case, legal fees and settlements can cost a lot.

Samantha is spending part of her sentence receiving treatment at Trevor Gibbens Unit in Maidstone. The convicted child killer wants to pursue divorce proceedings and explore the option of selling the family's home, NHS officials confirmed. Steven told Kent Online that legal fees can end up costing him £30,000, which is much more than the money he has.

Since the vengeful woman tried to get Steven to lose his home, people have rallied to offer support. Fundraisers have been set up on Just Giving to help Steven have enough money to pay the legal fees. One of the fundraisers has been set up by his mother while another has been set up by a stranger who was moved by Steven's story.

Steven stated that he does not want to lose the home he had worked hard for. The home is the last memento he has of his children.

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