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An 11-year-old girl has been charged with the beating to death of a two-month-old baby Gun Aficionados

A top QC has dubbed a new court order to a man cleared of rape telling him to notify police within 24 hours of wanting sex has "very odd and silly". Magistrates in North Yorkshire gave out the Interim Sexual Risk Order to a man, in his 40s. If he does not tell the authorities he could face five years imprisonment.

The orders are for people who officers believe they could pose a risk to people, despite not being convicted of any crime.

Mark Fenhalls, chairman of the Criminal Bar Association, told Sky News: "The 24 hours seems very odd and seems unusual to all of us. Frankly, it's pretty silly.

"There is concern about it because these orders are not meant to force people to do things – they're supposed to be prohibitive, to stop people doing things. Someone should take a careful look at this one and see whether or not it is correct."

The order stated: "You must disclose the details of any female including her name, address and date of birth.

"You must do this at least 24 hours prior to any sexual activity taking place."