A man in Brazil has been accused of stabbing his wife multiple times allegedly after he saw in a dream that she was having an affair with someone.

The 37-year-old man, whose identity has not been revealed, has been accused of stabbing his wife in the middle of the night at their house in Planaltina in Brazil's Federal District.

The stabbing took place on August 9 and the accused fled the scene soon after the incident. He was arrested earlier this week following a manhunt.

According to local media reports, an argument broke out between the two in the middle of the night after the suspect accused his wife of infidelity because of the dream he had.

The woman told her husband that it was just a dream and that there was no truth to it. She went back to sleep after the argument.

However, the suspect was not satisfied with the explanation and attacked his wife with a knife. He stabbed her neck, collarbone, and hands. The woman somehow managed to escape and was subsequently taken to a hospital.

"Dissatisfied with the woman's position, the man took a knife and inflicted several blows to the victim's vital regions. The woman ran away and was treated at the municipal hospital," read a statement from the police.

According to police chief Thiago César, the husband has confessed to the crime and has been charged with attempted femicide. The investigation into the case is still ongoing.

A report in The Mirror states that he had a criminal record for a homicide that took place in Formosa, Goiás State.

Cases of violence against women are not uncommon in Brazil. The country has had to make laws to deal with cases of femicide.

A report by Brazilian Public Security Forum (BPSF) revealed that more than 1300 women lost their lives in 2021 as a result of femicide. A woman was raped every 10 minutes and killed every 7 hours last year in Brazil.

The report further noted that there was a significant increase in violence against women in 2020 when families were forced to stay locked inside their houses due to Covid-19.

"These figures show the urgency of implementing public policies to shelter victims, as well as prevent and confront violence against women and girls in Brazil," BPSF's director, Samira Bueno, told TRT World earlier this year.

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