fox pulls man's trousers
The man woke to find this fox pulling at his trousers Stevie Gould/Facebook

A man who fell asleep at a bus stop after an alcohol-fuelled night out was woken up by a very different kind of alarm clock – a fox tugging at his trousers. Tube worker Steve Gould fell asleep at a bus stop in Leyton, where he ended up after missing his stop on the Tube.

He told The Telegraph: "I must've passed out and woke up at half past three, looked down and saw the fox nibbling on my trainers. It must've woken me. When I came to, I just thought: 'What the hell.' I thought: 'What the hell are you doing?'

"It was just curious – I wasn't scared at all because it seemed to be saying either: 'Come with me and have an adventure' or 'Get your kit off'.

"I immediately reached for my phone in my pocket and managed to get a few shots. It didn't flinch or move or anything – he was absolutely fearless. I got up and he moved back a little bit into the middle of the road as if to say: 'Come on, have a laugh.' Then another fox appeared and I stayed absolutely still, still drunk. I thought, I don't understand this."

Gould managed to get a few pictures of the cheeky fox, and reportedly realised the adventure was real after finding bite marks on his clothes and shoes after waking up the next morning.

He added: "I didn't end up making it home, and stayed at a friend's in Peckham. I love animals and think they're adorable. He was so playful but not biting at all."