The Florida police have arrested a woman they suspect is responsible for the gruesome death of a man whose partially-mutilated body was found at his home in Daytona Beach. Jeffrey Albertsman was discovered with his arms and legs missing and his girlfriend Nelci Tetley has been suspected of the crime.

According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, the 67-year-old woman who lived with Albertsman, 55, was arrested last week in relation to the July 2017 murder.

Police were first informed of the murder after friends of the victim went to his house to check on him after they were unable to contact him for a week. On arriving at the house, they detected the stench of the rotting corpse and immediately called the authorities. CBS affiliate WKMG reported that according to the autopsy report, Albertsman was shot in the head and in the chest and his limbs had been cut off.

The decomposing limbs were discovered two months later at a fernery in western Volusia County.

"Something like this is not common," Daytona Beach Police Chief Craig Capri said at a news conference. "Just the amount of violence that was involved. Cutting his arm and legs off? I don't understand the purpose of that."

Tetley and Albertsman were in a nine-year relationship that was fraught with tension and violence and in October 2016, the boyfriend had filed an injunction in which he accused her of physically attacking him and threatening his life.

"(She) has been making serious death threats!" the man wrote in the injunction. "She has been lashing out at me uncontrolaably (sic). She has slapped me. I provided video of this to the arresting officers. I am in fear of my life! She has said, 'I could kill you tonight if I wanted!'"

Considering the style in which Albertsman was killed, investigators believe they may have found a link between Tetley and the murder of her former boyfriend Michael Scot Louis.

Ormond Beach police discovered the remains of the 27-year-old, disposed of in various garbage bags in a canal by the Tomoka River in December 2007. The decade-old disposal site is around 10 miles from where Albertsman's missing limbs were found.