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Jordan Henderson regrets the challenge on Samir Nasri that saw him shown a red card in the 3-2 victory over Manchester City.

The England international was sent off late in the game by referee Mark Clattenburg and has missed the last three Premier League games as a result.

Henderson admits that, in the moment, he believed his challenge on the Frenchman was fair but admits his mind was changed once he watched the incident back on television.

"I didn't expect the red, because I thought I'd got the ball. But when I look back, I've got the ball but I've gone over and caught Nasri quite high up. I couldn't have expected anything else really," Henderson told Liverpool's official website.

"It wasn't a malicious tackle. I just wanted to get the ball back. It was the last minute of the game, and I felt if I'd have won the ball there, that could have been it really. We could have broken and kept it up the field.

"But I overran it, and I tried to make up for it a bit too much. I've been over it in my head a fair few times, especially in the first couple of days. That night, I was sat there thinking: 'Why did I do that?'

"I didn't know straight away that it was three games but, after the game, a few people told me. I was devastated.

"But at the same time, if I hadn't had made the tackle and they'd have gone and scored, I'd never have forgiven myself."

Having served his ban, Henderson is set to return to action for Liverpool's last game of the season against Newcastle – needing both a victory and a City defeat against West Ham to clinch the title.

"It doesn't matter who we are playing. If we win the league, it doesn't matter who it was against! Anyway, it's not about me, or any individual. It's about Liverpool, and winning our last game to have a chance of winning the title.

"If we do that, I won't be worrying about that tackle anymore!"