Rhodes Lodge
Couples have been caught having sex in broad daylight at Rhodes Lodge, Middleton Google Maps

Doggers in Manchester will have to delve further into the shadows of the Rhodes Lodge nature reserve after Greater Manchester Police announced it was increasing patrols there.

The wooded area, on Manchester Old Road, Middleton, comprises of footpaths, bridal ways and fishing lodges and is popular with members of the public for walking and fishing.

But the area is also popular with frisky couples, and parents have complained of witnessing people engaging in sex acts in broad daylight while walking with their children.

There have also been complaints of unhygienic litter such as used condoms, tissues and even underwear being left behind.

Failed attempts to deter couples have included putting up signs and CCTV cameras. But as a result of the incidents, Middleton officers will now initiate a high-profile police presence in the area to act as a deterrent.

Sergeant Paul Wood said: "We want to restore Rhodes Lodge as a place where members of the public can walk, take their families and enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about what they might see or find.

"It is not pleasant for anyone to have to avoid other people's 'sex litter', particularly those with young children whose natural curiosity will mean they will want to pick unknown objects off the floor.

"This behaviour is understandably putting off members of the public from enjoying the area, and that is completely unacceptable. I would ask that the public help GMP by reporting any such behaviour to us if and when they come across it."