Jeremy Oketch
Shocking footage of Jeremy Oketch raping a toddler was described as 'harrowing and sickening' GMP/Reuters

Manchester paedophile Jeremy Oketch has been jailed for raping a two-year-old toddler while filming "disturbing, horrific, and grotesque" footage of the attack. Oketch, from the Whalley Range area of south Manchester, pleaded guilty to rape at an earlier hearing and was sentenced to 15 years in prison on 12 March, 2015.

The 35-year-old was also handed a further eight years on licence at Manchester Crown Court and ordered to sign the Sex Offender's Register for life for a crime that was described as "beyond comprehension".

The footage was exceptionally disturbing, horrific, graphic and grotesque.
- Judge Hilary Manley

Greater Manchester Police were alerted to a video that showed Oketch raping the toddler at a house in the south Manchester area in July 2014. Oketch, who works as a pharmacist, was immediately arrested at his home and his computers seized. It was while investigators examined them that they discovered sickening footage of Oketch raping the girl.

Detective Chief Inspector Colin Larkin said: "Having had to watch these videos, they are without doubt some of the most harrowing, sickening images you could ever see. Anyone would share our revulsion over these wicked acts being committed upon such a young child.

"The judge said the footage was exceptionally disturbing, horrific, graphic and grotesque and that nobody, not a member of the public, a police officer or a judge should ever have to watch such material. I can only echo those views.

"I cannot even begin to comprehend what would possess a man to commit such vile, repulsive acts upon an innocent two-year-old girl who could neither understand what was happening, nor fight back nor even tell anyone what had happened.

They are without doubt some of the most harrowing, sickening images you could ever see.
- Detective Chief Inspector Colin Larkin

"Filming the abuse proves Oketch pre-planned what he was going to do to that little girl. That he did this not once but twice proves this man is utterly devoid of any conscience.

"Were it not for the fact these horrendous videos were found he could still be abusing this innocent young girl today."

In a strongly worded statement, Larkin said Oketch deserved to be behind bars for a long time.

"Make no mistake, Oketch deserves every second he will spend in jail. I hope the length of his sentence, in some small way, gives those who know this little girl some semblance of justice seeing this dangerous man behind bars for such a long time. We will continue to offer support to everyone who knows and cares for this little girl for as long as they need it."