Manchester United legend Gary Neville is confident that the Red Devils can challenge Chelsea for the Premier League title next season with just the addition of three players.

The former United right-back feels that Louis van Gaal's team are much closer to the Blues now than at the start of the season and believes that with the addition of a few key players, they can be back at the top of the league.

The Old Trafford club spent around £150m last summer on recruiting players and Neville believes that kind of spend is not necessary this summer as they have most of the positions covered, with the signings made last year.

He has called on the manager to strengthen specific positions, and is confident that with the right additions, United can harbour hopes of winning the title next season.

"If you asked me three months ago, I would have said [United] were a long way behind. Now, it's not as far," Neville said, as quoted by the Mirror.

"Two or three months ago, they would have been thinking Chelsea are a long way in front of us. Now the recruitment battle that will happen in the summer becomes critical. If they get that right, United will feel confident they can challenge Chelsea for the title next season."

"I don't think this summer is a case of United rebuilding or total restructure of the squad. They need to continue to improve in two or three positions: a central defender, a midfielder and a winger," the former England international explained.

"It is a case of trading well, rather than wholesale buying. I don't expect another £150million spend. I don't think it is required," Neville added.