Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal said United's win over Manchester City was the "best feeling" he'd experienced since being in charge at Old Trafford.

He denied it was the team's greatest showing during his time at the club but the most satisfying. "No," Van Gaal said. "Maybe the best feeling but not the best performance.

"We started very badly, more or less like against Burnley. But, after the assist of David de Gea [for Young], more or less, we regained our confidence and we scored a goal. We scored a second goal. Fantastic, fantastic attack also. The second-half I have to say was fantastic, I think."

Van Gaal was particularly delighted for the Red Devils fans. "This week they can go on the streets and they can say now 'We are this year, the better team'. The goal average is in our favour," he boasted.

"You are playing for the fans and these fans, in the beginning of the season, it was not so fantastic to be a United fan because we started 11 matches with certain points and they still supported us."