26-year-old Kasey Jones fell from the rooftop just one week after posting Instagram picture of her feet dangling over fire escape.

The barista, who worked at Plowshare Coffee Roasters, regularly drank on her Manhattan rooftop with friends lost her footing as she tried to climb back to her apartment on Tuesday morning.

The impact of her body hitting the pavement woke several of her sleeping neighbours.

Witness Ninive Acosta who lives in the same building as Jones said: "It sounded like a boom, like a cinder block hitting the ground really hard," said Acosta of the chilling incident.

"I feel sad. She was so young," Acosta told The New York Post.

Several of Jones's social media accounts show her drinking on the roof on different occasions, including some showing her sitting and standing dangerously close to the edge.

Just last week, Jones posted a photo of herself dangling her feet over the fire escape where she would later fall to her death.

Foot's eye view.

A photo posted by @zoradelora on

Friends prophetically showed their concern about the dangers of Jones being on the rooftop.

"It scares the bejesus outta me whenever you post these 'casually leaning over the edge' pics," wrote a friend about her dangling foot photos.

"Well I have a lot of whiskey to help me out," Jones wrote back.

Later that day Jones posted a photo of Spotted Cow Ale on the ledge of the rooftop along with the hashtag #rooftopshenanigans.

Frances Guerrero has lived in the building all her life and says the fire escape is extremely dangerous.

She said: "I'm used to climbing that fire escape and if you don't know how to manipulate yourself on it, you're going to fall."