Paris and Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson has reached out to Paris Jackson, after her reported suicide attempt.

Marilyn Manson has come out in support of Michael Jackson's troubled daughter Paris Jackson following her suspected suicide attempt.

The rock star dedicated Disposable Teens, a song about a youngster's anger with society, to the 15-year-old at his concert in Los Angeles.

Ahead of his performance Manson told the crowd: "This song is for Paris Jackson."

The dark track features the lyrics: "And I'm a black rainbow/ And I'm an ape of god/ I've got a face that's made for violence upon/ And I'm a teen distortion/ Survived abortion/ A rebel from the waist down.

"You say you wanted evolution/ The ape was a great big hit/ You say you want a revolution/ Man, I say you're full of sh*t."

Manson also reached out to Paris saying: "I hope you feel better. You will be on my guest list anytime you want."

His dedication came shortly after Paris reportedly took an overdose and cut herself with a meat cleaver at her Los Angeles home.

She is said to have been upset after she was told she could not go to a Marilyn Manson concert.

Her mother, Debbie Rowe, told Entertainment Tonight that the youngster had had "a lot going on [lately]".

But a friend claimed that she had attempted to take her life on another occasion.

"She tried this in the past [but] this was far more serious. It was not a cry for help," the insider told TMZ.

It has also been suggested that Paris was stressed by testifying during the ongoing wrongful death lawsuit that the Jackson family are bringing against concert promoters AEG Live.

The civil suit accuses the company, which was behind the star's This Is It comeback tour, of negligence because it hired Dr Conrad Murray, the physician convicted of Jackson's manslaughter.

Jackson died from a lethal overdose of the surgical aneasthetic, propofol, in 2009.