Presenters Tony and Julie Wadsworth
Tony Wadsworth and Julie Wadsworth are standing trial at Warwick Crown Court. BBC

Two married former BBC radio presenters have appeared in court accused of indecently assaulting underage boys in parkland and having sex outdoors in front of children as young as 11.

Julie and Tony Wadsworth are alleged to have encouraged seven boys, aged about 14 and one aged 11, to take part in sexual activity in parkland in Warwickshire between 1992 and 1996.

The couple, from Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, presented programmes together on BBC Radio Leicester and Birmingham-based BBC WM where they were known as Wadsworth and Mayer, Julie's on-air surname, while working at the studios at Pebble Mill in Birmingham.

They are standing trial at Warwick Crown Court where they are charged with indecent assault and outraging public decency, with one instance having sex against a tree knowing young boys were watching.

The couple have denied any wrongdoing but admit enjoying "outdoor hanky panky" in order to "spice up their sex life" but not in front of anyone.

The Crown stated that Julie had engaged in numerous sex acts with boys in parkland while her 69-year-old husband acted as a "look-out".

Prosecutors allege that the 60-year-old was dressed in a so-called "flasher's mac" trench coat with high heels, stockings, suspenders and a split-skirt when the sex acts took place, Sky News reported.

Prosecutor Miranda Moore said two groups of alleged victims emerged after one man went on a child protection course and recalled what had happened.

Another victim came forward after hearing a news report about the alleged offences and recognised Wadsworth as "being the woman who had had a sexual encounter with him" when he was aged just 14.

Moore said according to the BBC: "Not only did they have sex in the open but they did it in the open knowing and taking delight in the fact that young lads were watching, and they encouraged the young lads to view the sexual encounters.

"The boys at the time were all too young by law to be participants in any sort of sexual activity. Julie would encourage one of the boys at a time to engage in sexual activity. Julie was doing the activity but Tony was there."

Moore added that Julie "had sexual activity with these young boys again and again" with one alleged victim saying he had sex with Wadsworth on up to 15 occasions.

Tony denies 10 charges of indecent assault while Julie denies 12 charges of indecent assault. The couple deny five counts of outraging public decency.

The trial continues.