With America in the throes of election fever, one unlikely duo is hoping to cut through the political tension. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg's cooking show premiered on Monday night (7 November) and it made for TV gold.

The cooking competition got off with a bang thanks to the pair's genuine chemistry, celebrity guests and off course the obligatory references to Dogg's one true love − marijuana, better known as weed.

"I'm not high right now, but whoever gave us this show, they must have been," he declared minutes into the broadcast.

The first episode of Potluck Dinner Parties saw Hollywood actor Seth Rogen, former NWA star Ice Cube and rapper Wiz Khalifa drop by to judge an epic cook-off to help crown king or queen of fried chicken. All while sipping cocktails, of course.

Following the cooking challenge, a proud Snoop said: "It's a piece of weed in there."

Unlike The Great British Bake Off, the focus is on homemaker and hip hop legend's relationship and getting to know their eclectic celebrity pals, rather than anyone's actual culinary skills.

It seems that the pair may have found the perfect format because Twitter quickly erupted with heaps of praise for the show, with "Martha and Snoop" soon trending.

One viewer said: "Just ignoring that #ElectionDay has started on the East coast so I can fully enjoy watching Martha and Snoop battle over"

Stewart and Snoop bonded after appearing on the panel of Comedy Central's Roast of Justin Bieber in 2015 and reportedly shared a joint backstage. Earlier this year she told The Insider that they came up with the concept because they "really wanted to do a teaching show – and a fun show like a dinner party show, which it's turned out to be".

If spending time behind bars didn't do enough for Martha Stewart's street credit, her latest project may just be the ticket.