Game developers BioWare has found little respite from criticism directed at Mass Effect 3 (ME3) despite the release of additional campaigns and the hosting of a multiplayer event. In recent news, the beleaguered franchise is facing glitches with Reward and Commendation Packs from last week's Operation Exorcist event. The Victory Packs, fortunately, were successfully availed of, while players who won multiple rewards could redeem only one; that in turn misled gamers into assuming the Online Pass was missing.

In the aftermath of the incident, BioWare chose to play safe and promptly deleted all Commendation Packs from the server. The Online Pass bug got patched but the developer insisted on triple-checking everything before re-releasing the packs on 4 May.

According to Neo Seeker, ME3's Live Producer, Scylla Costa, posted the following message, on BioWare forums, in response to the issue:

"Now we need to grant the Commendation Packs again for all people that haven't redeemed it yet. We will continue to work hard until the packs are correctly granted today. We will announce here and on our social media channels when we finished granting them. We apologize for all the trouble created with this issue. We are reviewing all internal procedures related with the grant of Commendation Packs to avoid similar issues in the future."

It was later confirmed that all Commendation Packs had been granted again and all eligible players could redeem it from the multiplayer store. Costa further offered a customer support link for those still facing issues with redeeming their rewards.

Rebellion Multiplayer DLC Leaked Rumours

Despite various minor glitches and technical snags affecting ME3 multiplayer campaigns, the rising popularity of the events has bolstered the chances of receiving yet another DLC - Rebellion - according to rumours on the game's official forums.

According to the leak, the Rebellion multiplayer expansion adds two new fronts for combat against Reaper forces - the jungle reservoir of Firebase Jade and Firebase Goddess on the planet of Thessia. In addition to the new fronts, the in-game reinforcement packs now include three new weapons as well as equipment, consumables and six new classes: Quarian Engineer and Infiltrator, Vorcha Soldier and Sentinel, and the Phoenix Adapt and Vanguard.

As always, a leak should be taken with a pinch of salt and hopefully BioWare keeps unleashing new DLC packs to serve the insatiable appetite of die-hard gamers.