A McDonald's customer bravely fired shots to defend herself when an attacker targeted her in a random unprovoked attack.

FoxNews reported that a man, who was outside a Georgia branch of the fast-food restaurant chain, randomly attacked a customer at the drive-thru as she was waiting for her order. The man was unable to achieve his goal since the woman defended herself by firing warning shots.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the incident occurred at a McDonald's branch in Newnan, Atlanta. According to the report, the victim was waiting at the drive-thru when the suspect approached her car. The suspect picked a fight without any provocation.

The male suspect then allegedly placed his food on top of the victim's vehicle. He then reached inside the car and began choking the victim. She tried to free herself but failing to do so, she grabbed her handgun and fired two warning shots in the air.

Ashley Copeland, Newnan city spokeswoman, said that the suspect walked between the building and her door.

"(The suspect) placed his drinks and other items on top of the vehicle and began arguing with (the woman) for no apparent reason. (The victim) attempted to exit the vehicle, and (the suspect) reached inside and began to choke her," explained Copeland.

She further noted that the victim tried to repeatedly hit the suspect in the mouth, but to no avail as the man had no plans to release his grip. It was at this point that the victim opted to fire shots.

Both the suspect and the victim were still in the place of the incident when the police arrived later at around 9 p.m. The suspect, instead of giving his name, gave his brother's name to the police. However, authorities were able to identify him later as Brandon Lee Causey.

"After further investigation, it has been determined that the suspect in this case has given a false name and date of birth. The original name given by Causey was his brother's name," Newnan Deputy Chief Mark Cooper said.

McDonald's reported a big drop in second-quarter profits, but said sales picked up gradually during the quarter as lockdowns were eased. Photo: AFP / Charly TRIBALLEAU

He was charged with aggravated assault for attacking the customer. Since he lied about his identity initially, authorities are looking into more charges to be filed against him.

As of writing, there was no concrete data on what caused or provoked the random attack at the McDonald's drive-thru. The victim, whose name was not disclosed, suffered throat injuries due to the incident.