Teodoro Locisn Jr.
Philippines' UN ambassador Teodoro Locisn Jr has supported president Duterte's praise of Hitler and called a politician a fat b***h Twitter/ @teddyboylocsin

The Philippines new leader Rodrigo Duterte has made global headlines for his bizarre and often xenophobic and blood thirsty rhetoric as much as for his drug war which has left more than 3,000 dead. However, less is known about his new ambassador to the UN – an organisation Duterte has himself called the son of a whore – Teodoro "Teddyboy" Locisn Jr.

Locisn, a Philippine politician, lawyer, columnist and Duterte devotee, has made a name for himself using invective that his president might shrink away from, the Filipino website spot.ph reported.

He has taken to twitter to spread some of his most divisive messages supporting Duterte's praise of Hitler, attacking the president's congressional opponent Senator Leila de Lima and giving his full backing to the extrajudicial killings of drug users. Perhaps most pertinently, given his new role, Locisn has also made it plain he has little love for the UN.

In reply to one of Senator de Lima's tweets, Locisn told the lawmaker to "Shut the f**k up, you fat bitch," over an issue she was raising on the topic of a recent Supreme Court decision.

He also extensively defended Duterte when he said "Hitler massacred three million Jews. Now, there are three million drug addicts ... I'd be happy to slaughter them." By the end of his reasoning Locisn was tweeting to his 416,000 followers: "I believe the drug menace is so big it needs a Final Solution like the Nazis adopted. That I believe. No rehab."

The broadcaster also tweeted on August 24: "You may find this hard to believe but the Nazis were not all wrong give or take killing millions of the wrong people. Keep an open mind." Many of the tweets have since been deleted.

More recently Locisn has made forays into foreign police saying the Philippines needs a standing army of two million to deter foreign enemies, a transparent reference to Duterte's ongoing spat with the United States, his country's longest-standing military ally and also retweeted a meme declaring he had never sworn allegiance to the UN.

Duterte has made a habit of retracting his most inflammatory statements before repeating them 24 hours later. Locisn makes no such apologies but his does attack his leader's detractors when they fail to forgive him after the U-turns.