Meghan Markle admitted that she knew her handwritten letter to her father Thomas Markle could be published, and blamed Buckingham Palace for putting pressure on her to resolve her issues with him.

Jason Knauf, the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex's press secretary at Kensington Palace, recently contradicted Meghan's claims of the letter being a private note "for her father's eyes only." In his statement to the Court of Appeal in the royal's libel suit against a newspaper for publishing the letter, Knauf released a text from the Duchess that said: "Everything I have drafted is with the understanding it could be leaked."

"Honestly Jason, I feel fantastic, cathartic and real and honest and factual and if he leaks it then that's on his conscience and then at least the world will know the truth. Words I could never voice, publicly," the Duchess wrote in another text, as per Mail Online.

Another message saw Meghan saying that she is referring to her father as "daddy" in the letter to "pull at the heart strings" in case he leaks it. She writes, "Given I have only ever called him daddy, it may make sense to open as such despite him being less than paternal. And in the unfortunate event it leaked it would pull at the heart strings. The rest is in the spirit of facts rather than seeming orchestrated or litigious."

After the revelation, the "Suits" alum admitted that she believed it was a possibility her letter would be published, but insisted that she never intended it to happen. The 40-year-old added that she only sent the letter because she wanted "public attacks" which were disturbing the royal family to stop.

"Senior members of the family and their advisers expressed their concern over the public attacks, and expressed their desire to have them stopped. I was especially sensitive to this as I had very recently married into the family and was eager to please them," she said in her statement to the Court of Appeal.

Referring to two royals who were asking her to deal with her father as "Senior Member A" and "Senior Member B," she wrote, "While my husband and I were sitting with Senior Member B, I was told that Senior Member A was on the telephone and wished to speak to me. The telephone was passed to me and we had a discussion about the situation in the presence of Senior Member B and my husband."

The Duchess added that she felt that even if her attempt to stop her father talking to the media fails despite the letter, her husband would be able to tell his family that she had done everything she could to stop him.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle. Photo: POOL / Tolga AKMEN