A few weeks ago, Meghan Markle revealed the title of her first Spotify podcast series as "Archetypes." Shortly after the title reveal, news emerged that she has applied for the word to be trademarked under her brand. The move is likely to raise eyebrows according to commentators.

The Duchess of Sussex made the application in March with the United States Patent and Trademark Office of Delaware via her company Archewell Audio. The word has been around since the 1540s and has Latin and Greek origins, but it is said that she applied for it to be used "in the fields of cultural treatment of women and stereotypes facing women." She also included a list of where it could be used including entertainment services namely podcasts, audio and visual web series, on-demand streaming media, and live stage performances.

However, her latest move could lead to legal problems. Daily Mail royal commentator Richard Eden wrote on Twitter, "Meghan could face a legal challenge from companies that use the word in their names, such as the skincare and cleaning products business Archetypes, which has already established a trademark."

He explained, "Victoria Beckham fought a similar linguistic battle in 2002. The former pop singer known as Posh Spice tried to prevent the Championship football team Peterborough United from trademarking their club's nickname 'Posh', arguing that the word was 'inexorably associated' with her."

On the other hand, Kate Cheney, Director of Trademarks with the legal firm Clarke Willmott, said that it "makes very good commercial sense." She told Newsweek that "it should be standard practice."

She revealed, "We always advise clients however big or small they are to file a trademark as soon as possible because in most jurisdictions it's a 'first to file' system. So whoever gets there first with their trademark application would get their trademark registered."

Meghan Markle's "Archetypes" Spotify podcast series will revolve around discussions about stereotypes applied to women and will include discussions with experts and historians. There is no release date yet although it will reportedly air in the summer. A teaser is now available for listening on the media platform.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle attending an #HonorYourDays event at Reebok Headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts in April 2016 Darren McCollester/Getty/Reebok