Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shed their corporate demeanour for their usual PDA during their speech at the Global Citizen's VAX Live concert in New York's Central Park over the weekend.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex reverted to their lovey-dovey selves on stage while they talked about the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine and encouraged people to help one another end the pandemic. Body language expert Judi James noticed that they showed affection rather than their business-like appearances in the past days. The former "Suits" star even got rid of her heavy wardrobe of coats and jackets in favour of a chic white Valentino mini dress.

James particularly pointed out the Duke of Sussex's appearance at the Global Citizen's VAX Live concert. He apparently showed pride as he gazed at his wife and even revved the crowd for cheers like a rockstar.

"In performance terms it was Harry who seemed to recognise his wife as lead star, gazing at her with eyes slightly narrowed to show pride but also performing some anxiety rituals like clothing and finger-fiddling as he watched her more powerful speech," she told the Daily Mail.

Their speech at Global Citizen NY.
In theory yes everyone around have access to vaccine...but depending where you live people might refuse the vaccine on many grounds, or governments say who can or can't have it. It doesn't take away the pandemic either;

— ScottieTinkerbell (@sc_tinkerbell) September 26, 2021

"Meghan finally emerged from under those heavy coats and the couple began their speeches in rather individual styles. Prince Harry was trying to rev the crowd with some warm-up man-style gestures, like cupping his ear to pretend he couldn't hear their agreements and yelling out 'New York Citaaaaay...' like a bit of a rock star,'" James explained.

The couple's romantic gestures were even encouraged by the crowd who cheered for them as they walked onto the stage. They screamed in glee when Prince Harry said, "my wife and I" and in response, he reached out to her and she laid her head on his chest. They then held hands for the remainder of their speech.

James said that during their speech at VAX Live, Prince Harry even squeezed Meghan Markle's shoulder as a sign of affection. Meanwhile, the duchess "stood confidently as the crowd cheered" and they instinctively did their "signature handclasp with entwined fingers to show a tie-sign of closeness."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan Markle called for vaccine access to be treated as a human right during the Global Citizen Live festival in Central Park on September 25, 2021 in New York City AFP / Angela Weiss AFP / Angela Weiss