Meghan Markle has been warned that she could lose her friends and allies in the U.S.A. following the release of her Netflix documentary "Harry & Meghan." According to an expert, they have been put off by her show of arrogance in the series.

Neil Gardiner, a Washington-based foreign policy expert and a loyal follower of the British Royal Family, claimed that the Duchess of Sussex could lose close allies following the backlash from the docuseries. In it, Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, raised a series of accusations against The Firm and members of the royal family.

While there were those who sympathised with what the couple went through before they moved to California, there were others who slammed them for continuing to criticise the institution and the royals.

According to Gardiner, Meghan Markle especially showed "vanity and arrogance" in the Netflix series that has "put off some of her natural allies on the American left."

He said as quoted by the Daily Star, "It is striking Meghan has had very little support from the woke liberal elites who haven't come out in force to defend her."

Speaking of the Netflix series, Gardiner added, "This has backfired spectacularly on Meghan and Harry and this is not the hit they were hoping it would be. It has alienated the British people but it has also failed to garner any significant support in America."

He said that "Americans have no time for her complaints against the British monarchy or complaints of being a victim" and that "only a small minority in America would have sympathy for her."

Gardiner likewise said that despite the couple's attacks on the royals, the family is still very popular in the U.S.A. He also claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have not only completely destroyed whatever relationship they had with the royals but also with the British public.

"This is a bridge too far for Meghan and Harry with the Royal Family. There's no turning back now from their latest vicious attacks," he said.

Netflix released "Harry & Meghan" on Dec. 8. The royal family has yet to respond to the accusations the Duke and Duchess of Sussex raised in the docuseries. Instead, it is business as usual for them as they carried on with their public duties.

Harry & Meghan on Netflix
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