Meghan Markle shares her experience with racism and says being bi-racial can be a good or bad thing depending on who you are dealing with.

The then 30-year-old actress wore a shirt printed with "I Won't Stand for Racism" in an unearthed video for a 2012 PSA for non-profit organisation Erase the Hate. She talked about her heritage and how it has affected her personally.

Markle opened the video by telling viewers that she is bi-racial and that people cannot tell what race she is. Most of her life, she "has felt like being a fly on the wall." She then admitted that the slurs she heard or "the really offensive jokes, or names" hit her in a "really strong way." She even remembered someone calling her mother the N-word and shared how it affected her.

"So I think for me beyond being personally affected by racism, to see the landscape of what our country is like right now and certainly the world and to want things to be better," she said in the video shared on Instagram. She then explained why "your race is part of what defines you."

"I think what shifts things is that the world really treats you based on how you look. Certain people don't look at me and see me as a black woman or a bi-racial woman. They treat me differently I think than they would if they knew what I was mixed with," Meghan shared and added that "it can be a struggle as much as it can be a good thing depending on the people that you're dealing with."

Despite her bad experience with racism, Markle said that she is proud of her heritage and proud of where she came from. She also expressed her hope that by the time she has children people will be more open-minded to having a mixed world.

The video was taken during her "Suits" days, before she married Prince Harry, became Duchess of Sussex, and became a mother to her first child Archie. Sadly, her hope is far from reality given the ongoing protests happening in the U.S. following the untimely and uncalled-for death of George Floyd, a black man, under suspicious circumstances in the hands of Minnesota police. His passing urged people to take to the streets to fight for justice and to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Photo: POOL / Jeremy Selwyn