A royal biographer has claimed that Meghan Markle's feud with the British royal family was inevitable as she had "upset" people in the very early days since joining the family after marrying Prince Harry.

Penny Junor, author of "Prince Harry: Brother, Soldier, Son," claimed that palace insiders have told her the Duchess of Sussex was "not as charming as she seemed." "I was hearing very bad stories from early on that Meghan was upsetting people," she said in ITV's new documentary about Harry and William's feud titled "Harry & William: What Went Wrong?" as per The Sun.

The royal expert added that she felt the former American actress's approach is not just Californian but also "showbiz-y, celebrity," contrary to the royal family's public service attitude.

"Our Royal Family are not celebrities. They are working members of a public institution. I was appalled by the Oprah interview. These are not statements that should be made for public consumption. This is the sort of thing that should happen in the privacy of a psychiatrist's couch," the 71-year-old said.

Another royal biographer Robert Lacey, who recently released a book about Harry and William's feud, told the documentary that the latter had always been skeptical about his sister-in-law Meghan. "Someone close to William told me William felt from an early stage that Meghan had an agenda," said Lacey, who previously claimed in his book that Prince William raged at Meghan's "merciless" treatment of staff and called her "that bloody woman."

Meanwhile, royal commentator Angelina Levin suggested on The Andrew Pierce Show that the "Suits" alum is the reason that the royal siblings haven't reconciled yet, despite making a joint appearance at the recent unveiling of their mother Princess Diana's statue at Kensington Palace.

Levin said, "I think whatever Harry decides Meghan will change it. She will make it a negative thing to happen, and I don't see that there will be a long-term progress there."

"I think there will be some nasty comments about it, perhaps William pulled the green cloth harder than Harry," she said, adding, "Seriously, it is a very big thing, what Harry has done, said about William, the Royal Family, and his father, and the Queen. You can't just brush over that."

Claiming that Harry "does what he's told by his wife," Levin said, "If Meghan tells him how to make a statement, he'll make it, and that's it. He can't afford now to upset Meghan because he would feel such a failure and a misery and she'd give him what for, really. I think there's no chance of that."

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