Meghan Markle was warned shortly after her wedding to Prince Harry that the British public hates her "massively extravagant" spending habits.

As per the Sun, legendary former BBC Royal Correspondent Jennie Bond had discussed Meghan's adjustment into her new royal life while speaking to Yahoo! Life in 2019, months after the Sussexes' wedding in May 2018. During the conversation, Bond had warned, "What I think that Meghan has to be careful of is that she's so, pretty much A-list celebrity as well as senior royal."

Bond explained that though Meghan is quite capable of spending a lot of money on herself, it wouldn't necessarily go down well with the public in the UK, whom she is now serving as a member of "The Firm." Bond said, "I am getting the feeling that the public don't like her (Meghan) terrifically spending huge quantities of money. Being extravagant, massively extravagant, she can afford it, she is a wealthy woman, but it doesn't play very well, so I think she needs to just watch that."

At the time, the Duchess of Sussex was facing criticism for her continuous expensive fashion choices, which reportedly totalled more than half a million pounds in just a few months, as well as her extravagant baby shower in New York. The veteran royal reporter suggested to Meghan that she try "not to play any games with the press" and try to become a working royal rather than a celebrity which she had been before her wedding.

"Try not to be too celebrity, because that doesn't go down well with the public, and to try to ignore the fact that she's getting quite a lot of flack from various directions," Bond had said.

Within six months of Bond's suggestions, Harry and Meghan announced their decision to step back from their royal roles and establish a financially independent career in the United States. They recently invited criticism for treating their New York trip as a royal tour and talking about climate change despite flying there in private jets and travelling around in a convoy of three gas-guzzling SUVs. They were also accused of trying to create their very own "alternate woke Royal Family" in the United States.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Photo: AFP / DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS