Meghan Markle's estranged half-brother Thomas Markle Jr, who spent the last few weeks criticising her from inside the walls of "Big Brother VIP," has been singing a different tune about her these days. In the latest, he commented on the speculations regarding his sister's political ambitions and said she can do good work as the President of the United States.

Thomas Jr, who shares the same father with Meghan, told Australia's New Idea magazine that his sister could certainly make an attempt to run for the Oval Office in the future. He said, "She obviously has that personality and that determination and drive... it wouldn't surprise me [if she ran for president]."

"I just know, whatever endeavour she endures and puts her hands on, she will do good things. I wish her the best of luck, but absolutely if that's what she's going to put her sights on, she'll go for it," the 55-year-old added. Thomas noted that Meghan always went after her dreams when she was growing up as well.

Meanwhile, he also issued a public apology to the Duchess of Sussex for bad-mouthing her in the press in recent years. The window fitter said that he regrets the "horrible mistakes" he made after he was thrust into the spotlight when Meghan started dating Prince Harry.

He has made several harsh comments about Meghan on "Big Brother VIP" as well, but claimed that he is doing the Australian reality show so she could see the "real" him. "I want everybody watching to take away this side of me, the real me. I am lovable, nice, I'll give you the shirt off my back, I'm funny," he said.

Thomas also claimed that there was no animosity on his side despite his public warning to his brother-in-law Harry that Meghan would "ruin" his life. He added that he loves Meghan and would "do anything" to meet his nephew Archie, two, and niece Lilibet, four months.

"I don't need a photo-op to go see my sister, and I don't want a story behind it. I don't want anything, I would just love to go over to their home and knock on the door, give her a big hug and kiss, and say I missed the hell out of her and apologise right to her face. Maybe one day that will happen. I'd do anything to see Archie and Lilibet," he said.

Meghan Markle
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