Meghan Markle is often blamed for her and Prince Harry's exit as senior royals within two years of their marriage, but a royal author believes that it was actually the other way round.

Andrew Morton, the author of the Duchess's biography "Meghan: A Hollywood Princess" an updated version of which will be released later this month, said that the Sussexes did not give themselves enough time to adjust to the royal life before making the decision to quit. He added that the former American actress didn't have a clean slate to begin with, as she had formed a biased opinion of the royals due to a "jaded" education given to her by Harry.

Appearing on ITV's "This Morning," he said, "As she said herself (in Oprah Winfrey interview), she didn't read the tabloids, she didn't watch TMZ. She learnt what she learnt about the Royal Family from Harry. Harry himself was quite jaded with the Royal Family even before this, so she's had a very rambunctious education into the royal world."

"She has had members of the household give her advice, and she's a quick study, but even so. I think it takes many years for someone to accommodate themselves into the Royal Family, and these two didn't give it very long at all," the royal expert added.

In one of the new chapters of his book, Morton has claimed that Harry was also to blame for the infamous tiaragate that earned his wife the nickname "Duchess Difficult." The "Suits" alum wore Queen Mary's diamond bandeau tiara with her Givenchy gown at her wedding to Harry in May 2018, but it was reportedly not her first choice. There have also been reports that she was denied the bandeau tiara for a trial with her hairdresser ahead of the nuptials, after which Harry had a huge argument with his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II's dresser Angela Kelly.

Speaking about the new chapter in his interview, Morton said that Meghan had taken the flack for Harry's past behaviour even though it was him throwing a temper tantrum. The author suggested, "It seems to me that Harry did feel that 'the men in grey suits' as Diana used to call them, were quite hostile. And he took umbrage for example when the hairdresser arrived from New York for a fitting for the tiara and the tiara wasn't available and he threw a bit of a fit."

"And it was Meghan who got it in the neck as the 'Duchess Difficult,'" Morton said, noting that blaming the woman has been a pattern in the case of the royal family. He explained, "When you look down through the years, every royal princess or duchess is the one that takes the flack. Fergie got the flack early on in her marriage, Diana was called a fiend and a monster after she'd been in the family for about 18 months or so. It is the case that the woman gets the blame."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
The fairytale wedding in May 2018 was one of the events of the decade Photo: POOL / Ben STANSALL