Donald and Melania Trump
US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump walk to Marine One upon prior to departure from the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC, February 5, 2018 SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

The relationship between Donald Trump and his wife Melania is one that has been closely analysed, particularly in recent weeks.

And an incident on Monday (5 February) has raised those speculations yet again.

The couple were watched as they walked towards Marine One, but it appeared that Melania dodged her husband's hand, batting it away using her hands and her coat.

The pair then had an awkward shuffle on the grass while they posed briefly for photos before continuing towards their helicopter.

Many on Twitter had mixed thoughts behind the latest faux pas.

Some, like Jo Spencer felt that the hand fumble was due to allegations of an affair with and adult film star, "Melania is totally p____d off at her fake husband. In Florida she came down stairs of plane and walked right past him."

Another pointed out that Melania often wears her coat over her shoulders, which could be the reason behind the fumble. Totalwench tweeted: "I have realised that Melania wears her coats draped over her shoulders because it makes it impossible for Donald to hold her hand."

In wake of the allegations that Trump had an affair with pornstar Stormy Daniels while he was married to Melania, the first lady has kept a very low profile.

Her relative silence also came amid the accusations that Trump's lawyers paid Daniels to keep quiet about the affair, which is reported to have taken place while Melania was pregnant with the couple's only child, Barron.

Melania cancelled her plans to fly out with the president to the World Economic Forum and instead carried out her own schedule instead, which included visiting the Holocaust Memorial.

In 2017, another similar incident raised eyebrows as well.

As the pair walked away from Air Force One, shortly after touching down in Israel, the first lady was spotted again, this time more clearly swatting away Trump's hand.