The Mentalist Season 6 Spoilers
Will Patrick Jane kiss Teresa Lisbon in the finale? The Mentalist/Facebook

The Mentalist Season 6 is sprinting fast towards its finale and fans have their fingers crossed for a romantic end to the platonic relation of Teresa Lisbon and Patrick Jane (Simon Baker).

Currently, Lisbon (Robin Tunney) is in a dilemma whether or not to move to Washington with her new found love Agent Pike (Pedro Pascal) and Jane is feeling awkward every time he sees them together.

In the finale episode ,'Blue Bird Inn' might just stir up Jane's romantic emotions which are currently in slumber and he may realise his love for Lisbon and propose her before Pike does so, entertainment website suspects.

However, show creator Bruno Heller teases a romantic finale or the sixth season of the Mentalist.

"It's a romantic finale. With the death of Red John, there's a sense of tying [things] up and certainly this romantic angle is one of them," Heller teased this spoiler while giving an interview to TV Guide.

Heller also spilled some beans about Lisbon's emotional needs during the finale:

"In order for her to fulfill herself- even if she eventually fulfills herself with Jane, which she may or may not do- she has to find other relationships, other perspectives, other people who love her, just to feel fully who she is," he told Entertainment Weekly.

So does this means Lisbon's decision to move away will blow Jane in disbelief and force him to imagine a life minus Lisbon, the closest person to his heart?

Meanwhile, news website speculates the 'romantic finale' can be of Lisbon and her love interests Agent Pike. And during the finale, Pike might propose her for a wedding.

This ending will definitely break many 'Jisbon' fans and they would want Jane to propose Lisbon before the wedding and bring a true romantic end to their six years of unspoken relationship of trust.

No matter what happens during the romantic finale, fans would expect it to end with Jane finally coming out open about his feeling for Lisbon and the finale scene fading with a long, passionate kiss of the couple.

The Mentalist Season 6 'Blue Birds Inn' is directed by Chris Long and written by Bruno Heller. The Finale episode will air on 18 May on CBS.