The Mentalist Season 6 Spoilers
Will Patrick Jane reveal his feelings for Teresa Lisbon? The Mentalist/Facebook

The final episode of the Mentalist Season 6 titled 'Blue Bird' will be aired on Sunday, 18 May and promises to deliver the most romantic episode ever.

Jisbon fans are quite thrilled and are eagerly waiting to see how Patrick Jane will come out of the closet and express his feelings to Teresa Lisbon.

Show creator Bruno Heller confirmed that the finale would be romantic and will be decisive for Lisbon, who is in a dilemma to understand her feelings for both Pike and Jane.

"It's a romantic finale rather than a [suspenseful] finale. With the death of Red John, there's a sense of tying [things] up and certainly this romantic angle is one of them," he told TV Guide.

There are reports that suggest that Jane might kiss Lisbon in the finale before she tries to leave for Washington DC with agent Pike.

Meanwhile, Tvline released a set of pictures of the finale which suggest more lovey-dovey scenes featuring Jisbon while Pike was nowhere to be seen.

But other reports suggest that Agent Pike may propose to Lisbon while Jane will look at her as a sister!

Show creator Heller too teased fans with a similar quote while speaking with TVline.

"Men in general have difficulty declaring their emotions, and in this case [Jane and Lisbon] had a long and close, brother-sister relationship, so to suddenly declare a different kind of love is extremely difficult."

The synopsis of The Mentalist Season 6 finale, via Kpopstarz reads:

"In the sixth-season finale, a new lead in a cold case surfaces, forcing Lisbon to postpone her plans to relocate, and this delay allows Jane to examine his feelings for her and decide how to proceed."

In case you miss the show when it's aired, CBS is also offering it on its website the very next day. Click here to watch the finale online.

The Mentalist Season 6 finale episode 'Blue Bird' will air on Sunday, 18 May on CBS and is directed by Chris Long.