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A Mercedes F1 team member was robbed at gunpoint on his way to the team hotel from Mexico City airport Getty

A member of reigning three-time Constructors' Champions Mercedes F1 was robbed at gunpoint ahead of the 2016 Mexico Grand Prix. The incident occurred when the unnamed member was travelling in a chauffeur-driven car from Mexico City airport to the team's hotel on Wednesday (26 October).

The incident involved two gunmen, who accosted the vehicle when they were stationary on the road due to heavy traffic. The driver of the car and the Mercedes team member were unharmed in the incident while the assailants made away with their valuables. According to the Guardian, despite the threatening nature of the incident, the team member has chosen to remain in Mexico for the remainder of the Grand Prix weekend.

"A team member was robbed while travelling from the airport towards the city on Wednesday when in heavy stationary traffic," a Mercedes spokesperson told Press Association Sport, as quoted by the Guardian.

"Wallets and watches were taken and there were no physical injuries, but they were a little shaken up for obvious reasons."

The incident will raise security concerns ahead of the Grand Prix on Sunday (30 October) and the Mercedes spokesperson refused to address the steps the team will take with regards to tightening their security.

The report cited recent security guidelines issued by the British government, which states that all visitors must be vigilant and keep their car doors and windows locked at all times, especially at traffic stops with violence being 'a serious problem' in the South American nation.

The armed robbery incident was not the first to happen to a member of the Formula One community. Jenson Button was confronted by armed assailants during the 2010 Brazil Grand Prix. The British then reigning world champion was returning to his hotel after qualifying when the incident occurred. The same evening also saw three Sauber F1 team members robbed at gunpoint.