Metal Gear Solid 5
Glitch in The Phantom Pain allows exploration of secret location Konami

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain finally released to gamers on Xbox One and PS4 on 1 September is said to feature multiple secrets yet to be uncovered. Now, a glitch that lets gamers explore an unknown area has potentially been revealed.

This "secret glitch", has surfaced via a gamer on Reddit (spotted by Bidness ETC), who has detailed a step-wise guide for gamers to follow to get to this unknown region by activating the glitch. The tipster claims to have discovered the glitch in the Serak Power Plant which is the place where Metal Gear Sahelanthropus is stored.

Glitch in Metal Gear Solid 5
New glitch, found by a gamer (shared via Reddit) allows for exploring an location never seen before Reddit

Gamers can try out the below mentioned steps to unlock the secret glitch in the Serak Power Plant

Step 1: Embark on a new freeroam mission.

Step 2: Spawn with a truck close to the Serak Power Plant

Step 3: Finish watchers off in the base

Step 4: Drive the truck non-stop till the back of the Serak Power Plant

Step 5: You should notice a large metal door that obstructs your passage to the hangar of the Power Plant. Notice a red locked door, right adjacent to the large metal door, hidden from view by boxes.

Step 6: Drive your truck to back-up these boxes

Step 7: Alight from the truck and climb to the back

Step 8: Climb onto these boxes

Step 9: Look down at the locked door to find the "pick lock button" prompt on your screen.

Step 10: Press the action button, displayed in the prompt, to glitch into the boxes and unlock the door

Step 11: Simply walk through the open door and explore the hangar of the Serak Power plant. While in the hangar watch-out for sand and smoke that obscure view.

Check out Steps 1-11 and do let us know if you were able to unlock the glitch and explore the hangar of the Serak Power Plant.