Metal Gear Solid 5
Big Boss and Diamond Dog in The Phantom Pain Konami

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain which was released to gamers across Xbox One, PS4 and PC on 1 September seemingly comes embedded with hidden options that let gamers customise and enhance the overall gaming experience. Hidden tricks can be unlocked by completing certain levels of the game, which in turn unlock multiple customisation options. These tricks also include modification/improvements to in-game weapons.

Customisation of weapons seems to work, after completion of certain missions. Loyalists of Phantom Pain can try out the steps below and check out if weapons customisation works.

How to customise weapons in Metal Gear Solid 5 (MGS5): The Phantom Pain

Step 1: Beat Side Op #107 "Extract the Legendary Gunsmith". Side Op#107 will be available after Beat Story Mission 13 is completed

Step 2: Clear all Side Ops on selection menu, as other Side Ops could hide Mission 13 from view. Also try out the Angola-Zaire Border Region mission.

Step 3: After completion of Side Op#107, complete Side Op#108 "Extract the Legendary Gunsmith Again", to unlock Side Op#109 mission.

Step 4: Finish Side Op#109 "Extract the Legendary Goldsmith Yet Again" that is the last of the missions.

Step 5: After finishing Step 4, access customisation options from iDroid, by navigating to Mother base, Customise and Weapons. Guns can be selected here, for customisation.

Step 6: New games can also be created, to unlock new parts that can be used to modify the existing arsenal/armoury.

Loyalists of Metal Gear Solid also have other news to cheer about, as the multiplayer Metal Gear Online 3 for MGS 5 is said to go live in October. This will introduce a couple of new multiplayer modes, and improves Big Boss who was the antagonist in Meta Gear 1, but became the protagonist in MGS 3 and MGS 5.

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