Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri
Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri has explained the meaning of the Threads app's logo. Wikimedia Commons

Putting all speculations to rest, Meta has finally explained the meaning of Threads' logo. To recap, Meta-owned Instagram launched the microblogging platform on July 6 and it took the tech world by storm, Meta's Threads app surpassed a whopping 55 million users within a day.

Twitter owner Elon Musk and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey even mocked Meta's Threads over privacy concerns. In fact, Musk threatened a lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter-like app, accusing Meta of unlawfully using Twitter's secrets to develop its Threads app.

However, netizens seem divided on a completely different matter. What does the Threads logo mean? Notably, the logo is one of the most talked-about aspects of the app. According to some Indian users, the Threads logo seems to be a "90-degree clock-wise rotation" of the Malayalam letter ത്ര, which is pronounced as "thra."

The folks at ABP Live suggest the Threads logo is a stylised version of the Instagram logo. The Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri has also been active on Threads lately. The top executive has been responding to user suggestions for feature updates.

The hype surrounding the Threads logo

Mosseri claims his teams were "cranking away" to bring more features to Threads as soon as possible. Aside from this, he shared a myriad of behind-the-scenes information about the fast-growing social media app. Since the Threads logo has been subject to a lot of speculation, Mosseri decided to explain the actual meaning and inspiration behind the app's logo.

It is worth noting that the Threads logo isn't a complicated design. The logo features a circle with a vertical line running through it. Although it looks like an "@" symbol, it is not an "@" symbol. In his Threads post, Mosseri explained the meaning of the Threads logo, confirming that the logo is simply inspired by the Internet symbol "@."

To those unaware, "@" represents a person's username. In the logo, the "@" symbol is shown as an unbroken line, which resembles the loop that occurs when a thread starts. In other words, the logo suggests when a Thread starts, it continues as a loop. Furthermore, the logo uses Instagram's sans serif font for a sleek and modern look.

According to a GizChina report, Meta has confirmed that the Threads logo also draws inspiration from the Tamil alphabet. The Tamil alphabet is the script used to write the Tamil language, which is spoken in India, as well as in Sri Lanka. The Tamil alphabet is known for its intricate letterforms and comprises 18 consonants and 12 vowels.

Although the lines of the logo look hand-painted, the report suggests they are based on Instagram's own font Instagram Sans. For its design, the font takes inspiration from a circle and a square. As a result, the Threads Logo looks like it is a "somewhat square round body." The report also claims the logo is based on the Tamil letter "ம" (ma), which is pronounced as "ma" in Tamil.

The Threads app's skyrocketing popularity

The recently unveiled text-focused social app from Meta is designed to take advantage of Instagram's user base. Five million users signed up for Threads in the first four hours after its launch on July 6, according to a Forbes report. Zuckerberg announced that the app was downloaded over 30 million times in just 16 hours.

The next day, Zuckerberg revealed that the app had surpassed 70 million users. According to Reuters reports, some analysts believe Threads is a true threat to the Musk-owned Twitter. Unsurprisingly, Twitter is gearing up to sue Meta. A lawyer from the social media giant sent a letter to Zuckerberg accusing his company of unlawfully using "Twitter's trade secrets and other intellectual property."

In the meantime, Threads continues to garner popularity among netizens, with some users praising the app's user-friendly interface. The app allows you to have text-based conversations with your friends and family. Moreover, you can share photos and videos.