Mexican woman burns cat
A Mexican woman is facing animal cruelty charges for trying to set fire to a kitten YouTube

A Mexican woman is facing criminal charges after she set a cat on fire and posted the video online.

In the clip, recorded by a friend, she is seen splashing an inflammable liquid on a four-month-old stray kitten before trying to light its fur up with a match.

After a failed attempt she eventually succeeds in sparking a flame, causing the cat to flee with smoke billowing from his back, amid laugher from the two friends.

The footage shot earlier in June went viral, sparking outrage from the online community under the hashtag "LadyQuemaGatos" (lady burns cats).

It was used by animal rights activists and authorities to identify the pair from the central Aguascalientes district.

Activists with the Amigos Pro Animal group, who visited the women, who have not been named, with state prosecutors, said the two expressed regret for their actions.

"We had a chance to speak with the girls and they showed remorse for what they had done," said Amigos Pro Animal activist Ana Zavala.

The duo said the cat survived the incident as it was rescued alive by a neighbour, Amigos Pro Animal said adding, however, that they could not find it during a tour of the area.

The woman who set fire to the kitten is now facing criminal charges for animal cruelty and a fine of about 34,000 Mexican pesos (£1,425, $2,200), local media reported.

Warning the following video contains images that may be disturbing to viewers.