A former US reality TV producer has been jailed after he was found guilty of murdering his wife while they were on holiday in Cancun in 2010 and now plans to appeal the court decision.

Bruce Beresford-Redman, 43, who produced the Survivor show, was given the 12 year sentence by Judge Victor Manuel Echeverria Tun in Mexico for killing his wife, Monica.

They were on holiday with their two children when her body was found dumped in a sewer cistern at the resort where they were staying.

Mexican police said hotel guests reported hearing screams from the couple's hotel room. It was later discovered during the police investigation that Beresford-Redman had had an extramarital affair.

A post-mortem examination revealed Monica had been strangled.

Her family said they were pleased with the verdict: "Finally, she can rest in peace," Monica's sister, Carla, told NBC Los Angeles.

Beresford-Redman denied killing her throughout the case – arguing no forensic evidence proves that he committed the crime. He initially reported his wife missing saying she never returned after a day out shopping.

He now plans to appeal the decision, according to his family, who are said to be "appalled and disgusted" by the ruling.