A Dutch politician has called for Vladimir Putin's daughter to be thrown out of the Netherlands, over Russia's alleged involvement in the downing of the Malaysia Airlines flight in eastern Ukraine.

Maria Putin, 29, has been living in Voorschoten, near The Hague, with her Dutch boyfriend for a couple of years.

One hundred and ninety three of MH17 298 victims were Dutch and the northern European nation is growing increasingly frustrated with the Russian President over his response to the plane crash.

Pieter Broertjes, the mayor of Hilversum, south east of Amsterdam, voiced his countrymen's anger as he told a local radio Putin's daughter should be expelled from the country.

He later apologised on Twitter, saying his remarks had not been "wise" but "stemmed from a feeling of helplessness that many will recognise".

The Dutch were indignant at reports that pro-Russian rebels controlling the crash site delayed operations to return the victims' bodies to their families and valuables were being pilfered from the wreckage.

"Many people said to us: 'We just want to say a proper goodbye to our loved ones,'" King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands said in a television address.

"We understand their frustration and their concern, and we share their wish for clarity about what caused this disaster. This awful disaster has left a deep wound in our society."

Little is known about Maria Putin, who, just like her sister Yekaterina, has been rarely seen in public.

Dutch media speculated Maria she in a relationship with a Dutchman named Jorrit Faassen, who is said to be a senior employee at Gazprom, a Russian-owned gas giant.

The West has accused Moscow of supplying Kremlin-baked insurgents in eastern Ukraine with the surface-to-air missile system that was allegedly used to blow MH17 out of the sky.