Michael Carrick has refused to get involved in the speculation regarding Cristiano Ronaldo's future, with the Real Madrid striker linked with a move back to Manchester United, following reports of him involved in a tax fraud case.

On 16 June it emerged that the four-time Ballon d'Or winner was "outraged" following allegations that he had knowingly failed to pay up to £13m ($16.6m) in taxes to the Spanish authorities. Sources later confirmed to IBTimes UK that the player had decided to leave the Spanish and European champions.

However, the talk has died down following Ronaldo's conversation with president Florentino Perez, who has publicly backed the 32-year-old in a lengthy interview.

Perez claimed that the tax evasion issue was clearly a misunderstanding and backed Ronaldo to come clear of any allegations directed at him.

"I haven't really given it too much thought to be honest with you," Carrick told Sky Sports, as quoted by the Mirror.

"Listen, you don't need me to say, everyone knows what type of a player he is and how good he is and what a career he's had.

"It's not for me to get involved in whether he comes to Manchester United, whether he leaves Madrid or not, that's not my business at this moment in time.

"Of course, I was lucky enough to play with him. It was just a joy to work so close to him and see how he plays. We will see how it pans out over the next few weeks and months."

The legendary forward has scored 118 goals in 292 appearances for United before making his way to Real in 2009, where he has broken all records to become the club's all-time greatest scorer. However Carrick refused to be drawn into the matter of a fairytale return and stated that he will follow the matter closely and see how it unfolds in the years to come.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo's future has dominated the world of sport over the last few days. Getty Images