Steve Jobs with iPod
Apple\'s co-founder Steve Jobs died in 2011 Reuters

The Steve Jobs biopic has been hit with multiple setbacks so far but production on the Danny Boyle-directed project is finally under way with Michael Fassbender pictured for the first time in the role.

Universal Pictures had previously struggled to find a Hollywood actor to commit to playing the late Apple co-founder, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale dropping out in recent months.

A poster of Fassbender in the role has been revealed and while he will no doubt do a charming job of depicting Jobs's life, IBTimes UK takes a look at other actors who could have played the genius...

George Clooney

In 2011, reports suggested Clooney was a frontrunner to secure the lead role and on reflection, he would have made a fine Jobs with his charisma and Oscar-nominated acting chops.

George Clooney
George Clooney was once in the running to play Jobs Reuters

Stanley Tucci

Simply put, the resemblance between Tucci and Jobs is uncanny. The actor even admitted his Transformers: Age Of Extinction character, Joshua Joyce, was based on Jobs.

Actor Stanley Tucci
Stanley Tucci bares a striking resemblance to late Apple boss Jobs Reuters

Patrick Stewart

Just like Tucci, he is the spitting image of Jobs and he would have undoubtedly given a moving performance of the technology genius in his later years. He is also no stranger to the geek world having starred in the X-Men franchise.

Sir Patrick Stewart has tied the knot with his girlfriend, jazz singer Sunny Ozell.
Patrick Stewart could have played Jobs in his later years Reuters

Bryan Cranston

He's got no problem shaving off his hair for roles - think Walter White in Breaking Bad - and he is more than capable of giving a riveting performance.

Breaking Bad\'s Bryan Cranston to Play Lex Luthor in Man Of Steel Sequel
Breaking Bad\'s Bryan Cranston would have undoubtedly put on a stellar performance Reuters

Noah Wyle

At the time Clooney was in the running for the role, his former ER co-star Wyle was also said to be also battling it out. But he had an advantage because he has actually played Jobs before in 1999 TV movie Pirates Of Silicon Valley.

Actor Noah Wyle
ER actor Noah Wyle has previously played Jobs in a TV film. Reuters

Benedict Cumberbatch

Because what film isn't he in these days?

There\'s rarely a movie without Benedict Cumberbatch these days Getty