Michelle and Barack Obama are two names that are often spoken together. However, it was because of former US president's name that Michelle Obama was skeptical of him at first.

The former first lady of the US, Michelle Obama in her "Moderated Conversation" tour in Winnipeg, Canada, revealed the first thought that came to her mind when she heard about Barack Obama was: "Who name's their kid Barack Obama?"

The 55-year-old said she was working at a law firm called Sidley Austin in Chicago when she was tasked to mentor a new associate who happened to be her future husband. She revealed she did not think too highly of Barack before she met him as she thought he had a "weird name".

The former FLOTUS also mocked the former POTUS by saying he benefitted from her "having such a low bar." She further revealed how she fell in love with the person Barack was. "He didn't care about working at the big firm, he didn't care about making money. Before I fell in love with him, I fell in love with him as a person," the best-selling author said, reports Express.

The mother-of-two also spoke about the challenges of parenting and said: "The power to raise a good human being, to me, is more powerful than any world leader." The main theme of her event was youth empowerment.

The "Becoming" author also recalled the moment her husband was named the President of the United States and said their lives changed at that moment.

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"To see my husband's name appear on the news channels, naming him president-elect, it's at that moment that our lives changed," Michelle said.

The writer who also holds the title of being the first African-American first lady of the US discussed how she handled the responsibilities of the position and used her children and herself as a platform. "We did our best to fill that house with kids," she said.