Windows 10
Microsoft suspends Windows 10 builds briefly. Reuters/Pichi Chuang

Microsoft has announced that it is suspending the availability of Windows 10 builds, as the company is preparing for the official roll-out of its newest operating system scheduled for 29 July.

The announcement comes after Microsoft made Windows 10 Preview build 10166 available for Fast ring on 9 July.

From now onwards, Windows Insiders will not get any ISOs for the Preview build as Microsoft wants Insiders "to be using, stressing, and validating its distribution and upgrade processes".

Nevertheless, the ISOs will be available for future releases, but when the next build is released Insiders are suggested that they upgrade to the available build through Windows Update.

"We're only a couple of weeks away now from our public release of Windows 10, and we're preparing for the world to begin the upgrade process. Windows Insiders have been the first to see our work on Windows 10 at every stage. Now you will also be the first to get a build flighted to you using the channels that we'll use for targeting and deploying to PCs for our staged rollout," said Gabriel Aul in a posting in the official Windows Blog.

Following is what Microsoft has planned for the next 24 hours;

Builds 10162 and 10166 will no longer be offered over Windows Update, and whatever build you're on will show as "up to date" if you check for new builds.

ISOs for build 10162 will be taken down from the site and prerelease keys will no longer activate builds.

The company said the public release was almost ready and that it was working hard to bring everything right on place with the final version.