Microsoft latest version of its Windows operating system, simply called Windows 8, is finally going on sale around the world.

Windows 8 represents a huge re-imagining of Microsoft's software, and for the first time focuses on touchscreen devices.

There will be two main versions of the software, one for traditional PCs and laptops, and one, called Windows RT, which will be used on tablet and will be optimised for use with touchscreens.

The new user interface, previously known as Metro, will be a shock to many Windows users and Microsoft has also launched the Windows Store where users will be able to download Windows 8 apps.

While the Start screen with its live tiles may look completely different, underneath this radical new look, the traditional Windows desktop remains. There have been some design changes, but for the most part it looks and works just the same.

An upgrade to Windows 8 in the UK will cost £25, if you download it from the web, or £50, if you purchase a physical copy instore or online.

So what else is there then to get us all excited then? Well, as well as launching Windows 8, Microsoft has also launched its first ever tablet PC, called Surface. This will cost from £399 in the UK and will come with a special cover, which will double as a keyboard when laid flat on your desk.

And along with Microsoft, launching its new hardware, PC manufacturers like Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Asus and other have also launched new PCs, laptops and tablet to coincide with the launch of Windows 8 - and with a nod to those, who have bought a Windows 7 PC or laptop in recent months and don't like the idea of having to pay to upgrade their software so soon, Microsoft has a special upgrade offer of just £15, if you've purchased your computer, since the beginning of June.

So, they have thought of something for everyone. And I guess, we all know what's going to be this years Christmas list then, hey?

Written and presented by Ann Salter.