Microsoft Band
Microsoft Band is currently available at a big discount in the UK IBTimes UK

Just ahead of the market rollout of Microsoft's new Band in the UK scheduled for 19 November, the company is offering a huge discount on its original smart band. If you are making a purchase now you would be able to save as much as £100, as the old Band is now available for £69.99, as opposed to the earlier price at £169.99.

Along with the price cut, Microsoft is offering a Zagg invisible Shield screen protector, which costs £9.99, for free. Though there is no mention about how long the offer is valid, the product page notes it is for a limited period.

Like the new Band, last year's variant also comes with 10 sensors such as optical heart rate sensor 3-axis accelerometer, gyrometer, GPS, ambient light, skin temperature, UV sensor, capacitive and galvanic skin response. Both Bands could run up to a claimed battery life of 48 hours of normal use.

As for price comparison, the new Band is currently available for pre-order via Microsoft online stores at £199.99, about £130 more than the older model. You can also trade your original Band for the new one and save up to £70.

Other retailers in the country such as Argos, Currys, Very and Wiggle have confirmed that they would sell the wearable but they are yet to commence pre-orders. Amazon UK is already accepting pre-orders and would begin shipping around the same time as Microsoft.