In 2010, Microsoft entered the smartphone market with its Windows Phone platform. Unfortunately, despite the stylish interface and promising potential, it was eventually shelved. However, the industry will soon be seeing a comeback after the company unveiled its latest lineup of gadgets during its annual presentation. Aside from the regularly refreshed hardware, there were a couple that stood out as something new. One of those is the Microsoft Surface Duo – a dual-screen Android smartphone.

Among all the features it touted, journalists, analysts and consumers did not expect the Surface Duo to run on Google's ecosystem. Prior to its reveal, leaks were hinting about a new version of the Windows operating system, which the manufacturer was calling Windows 10X. This was eventually showcased during the presentation, but for another device. When it came time to introduce the new smartphone, Android was probably the last thing on anyone's thoughts.

Meet the new Surface Duo. Coming Holiday 2020. #MicrosoftEvent

— Microsoft Surface (@surface) October 2, 2019

WIRED interviewed Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay about the Surface Duo. According to the executive, the model on show was not the final retail version of the product. There are still some missing components and features that might be added in the future as hinted by the manufacturer. "These are our efforts for the past two and half years, so there's a balance to the number of details I can give," said Panay.

Technical specifications are very limited as of the moment, with the only a few relevant details listed. The Microsoft Surface Duo will run on a modified version of Android that will improve functionality between its dual-display configuration. At the heart of the device is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. Other than two listed beforehand, there is no word regarding storage options, additional cameras, battery capacity and other key functions.

Finally, Panay appears hesitant to call the Microsoft Surface Duo a phone. He reportedly wants the company to position the device as a new category of its own, but that might come later. Nevertheless, the promotional footage confirms it can make phone calls and practically do all of the things a modern smartphone can do on two screens. And from what was on the show, it appears to be a premium device crafted out of glass and metal.

Surface Phone concept
Concept for Microsoft's long-rumoured Surface Phone. Behance