Xiaomi Mi 4
Xiaomi Mi 4 getting Windows 10 custom ROM on 1 June. Sign-up now Xiaomi

China-based Xiaomi, which earlier in the year had stated that it would let Microsoft develop and release a custom Windows 10 ROM for testing on its Mi 4 sets, has now seemingly completed work and is letting Mi 4 owners sign up to receive Windows 10 custom ROMS.

According to a WMPowerUser report, that quotes a Xiaomi user group that approved Microsoft's custom ROM proposal, the ROM for Mi 4 users will be deployed at the earliest and owners of the handset can expect to receive the firmware beginning 1 June 2015.

To receive Windows 10 custom ROM, Xiaomi Mi 4 users will need to fill out a form and sign up to receive the software.

Xiaomi Mi 4 and Microsoft loyalists are advised to keep in mind the fact that the above development does not represent a tie-up between Xiaomi and Microsoft. The custom ROM released to Mi 4 users would install the latest Technical Preview version of Windows 10 only, not the OS' stable channel release.

With the custom ROM deployment on Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphones, Microsoft is looking at gaining user feedback with respect to multiple new features/functionality, with an eye on incorporating these aspects in the stable channel release of Windows 10.

Xiaomi Mi 4 users who install the Microsoft Windows 10 custom ROM on their handsets and test it out, can let us know (in our comments section below) as to how the Technical Preview felt.

Currently, the stable channel edition of Windows 10 is expected to be released during the end of July to OEMs after which the OS is expected to be ready to download by existing users.

The smartphone version of Windows 10 is titled Windows 10 Mobile which will be released after the launch of the PC version of the operating system.