Mass Effect 2
Promo art from multi-disk game Mass Effect 2 EA

Microsoft is reportedly not far off figuring out a way to make Xbox 360 games with multiple disks available on Xbox One through backwards compatibility. The news comes from the official Deus Ex-Twitter account after the announcement that Human Revolution is coming to the service.

In response to the revelation a fan asked whether the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut – a multi-disk game – and Missing Link DLC would also be available. The account replied: "For those asking: Missing Link and DXHR Director's Cut are currently not supported, but the Xbox team expect them to be early next year."

Microsoft announced Xbox One backwards compatibility back in June during the E3 press conference. It launched in November with over 100 games, which will be bumped up over the coming months both as and when, and as part of the Games With Gold scheme which gives Xbox Live subscribers free games every month – as with the vanilla Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The potential for multi-disk Xbox 360 games being made available through BC opens up the door for games like Dead Space 2, Final Fantasy 13, Max Payne 3 and Mass Effect 2 and 3 to appear on the system. The latter two have been sought by fans since it was announced the original Mass Effect would be part of the first batch of compatible games.

Microsoft has yet to officially comment on whether support for multi-disk games is arriving "early next year" as was stated by the Deus Ex account.

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